jessica & tim
Creekside Pavilion | October 24, 2020

"I honestly don't know what I would have done without her! We have been working together for about a year and I knew right from meeting her that she was the one to help. I have a lot going on in my life and its hard for me to see the full picture. She ensured me everything would be perfect and gave me ideas that I didn't even think about. Even while having a family emergency she was always one call or text away... She goes above and beyond for her clients to make sure it is what they want. During COVID we had to change venues three months before our big day... Jenna was helpful in finding a new place that was less than half of our original venue... It was everything I could have dreamed of and more... It was nice knowing that things behind the scenes were in good hands! So don't wait, call her right away if you want to have the wedding of your dreams! We love you Jenna, thanks for everything!!!"

Unique by Design review Jessica and Tim

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Unique by Design review Alex and Reed

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alex & reed
Heritage Restored | September 26, 2020

"I met Jenna a little over a year ago at Heritage Restored's Open House... Jenna has a very fun, caring, and personable touch that leaves you feeling confident that she will exceed your expectations... Looking back, there were several times when close friends and relatives would ask how something would be handled or how we should go about doing certain things... My response without hesitation was always that 'Jenna will go over that with us'... During the year of our wedding, Jenna had to step back and tend to a very important and personal matter... she never failed to periodically check in to ensure her team was providing exceptional work... While most rehearsals are coordinated by the pastor, we did not have that luxury as we asked a close relative to marry us. This was one huge area where UBD was able to step in and flawlessly walk us through the rehearsal of the ceremony, leaving us feel reassured for the big day... To this day, we are still in awe thinking back and reliving our wedding day over and over again. I can confidently say that we would've been lost without the services of Jenna and her team at UBD!"

jackie & nick
Linwood Estate | August 29, 2020

"Jenna and her team went above and beyond in helping us plan our wedding! Our wedding day would not have been as amazing and flawless without their help. Due to COVID and new state restrictions, we had to re-plan our wedding four weeks out from our wedding date. As stressful as it was, Jenna handled everything for us! She literally planned an outdoor wedding in 30 days! It involved hiring several new vendors and coordinating all of the details with them. She was also always available to text or FaceTime despite going through a scary family emergency. Any time we had a wedding thought or concern, or were in panic mode, she was there for us and always assured us everything was under control- which it was! Our wedding day was better than we ever expected despite the pandemic and we owe SO much of that to Jenna and her team. We’ll always be grateful for everything they did for us and we cannot recommend them enough!"

Unique by Design review Jackie and Nick

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Unique by Design review Lydia and Andrew

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Lydia & andrew
The Inn at Leola Village | December 28, 2019

"Jenna and her team at UBD are the best in the business... We hired her for 'day of coordination' but this title doesn't even begin to describe what she did for us. A better representation would be 'month of coordination.' About a month leading up to the wedding, Jenna reached out to all of our vendors and was able to get everyone on the same page. She put our desires and interests first in all situations and truly made everything flow beautifully... She truly goes above and beyond... The day of the rehearsal she was so organized and our bridal party was thoroughly impressed... She was always checking in to see if we needed anything, and made me feel so calm and I truly had no worries the day of the wedding because of her... UBD is one of a kind and you will be so happy to have them in charge of your wedding family. They really are added insurance on the day and I had ZERO stress... yes, you heard me, ZERO stress the day of my wedding because of Jenna and her team."

emily & dominic
The Bond Events | November 23, 2019

I hadn’t even thought about hiring a day of coordinator until I heard Jenna speak at a food tasting event I was at. Her presence was so calming and I immediately told my fiancé that I think we needed to hire her for our wedding... Leading up to the wedding, she had emailed all of the other vendors to get their arrival times and to make sure everyone was on the same page... On the wedding day, she was there to greet every vendor, hand out tips, and place all of our décor exactly how we had envisioned. Then, when it came time for the ceremony, she ensured that everything went perfectly smooth with the processional... I had literally ZERO stress on my wedding day and I know I have Jenna to thank for that... a planner/coordinator is just as important to have at your wedding as your photographer... My only regret was not hiring her for her full wedding planning package... 10/10 would recommend Jenna & Unique by Design!

Unique by Design review Emily and Dominic

© Lindsey Maree Photography

Unique by Design Review Ellen and Chris
Ellen & chris
Dickinson College | October 19, 2019

"Jenna is a true ROCKSTAR! My husband and I set up a meeting with Jenna after we had to change our reception venue just four months before our wedding. She immediately put us at ease and we knew that we had to hire her for her experience, creativity, organization and great personality! It was a pleasure working with Jenna in the months leading up to our big day, and when our wedding finally arrived, we honestly don't know what we would've done without her. It was so reassuring to us and our families that she and her team were there to make sure that everything went as planned. We couldn't imagine the day without her! Thank you so much, Jenna! This is truly the career that you are meant to do!"

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katrina & zach
Historic Shady Lane | September 20, 2019

"Booking Jenna was one of our best decisions during wedding planning. We didn't necessarily want to spend money on a coordinator but our venue required one and we are so glad looking back. Jenna was super organized and amazing to work with. I don't even want to know all of the little details I probably would have forgotten about during planning if it wasn't for her. And as amazing as she was during the planning process, she was even better on the day of. She brought my vision to life even better than I could have imagined and myself, my bridal party, and family members did not have to worry about anything other than having a great time on the wedding day. She took care of everything. I cannot say enough good things about Jenna and would highly recommend her to anyone!"

Unique by Design Review Katrina and Zach

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Unique by Design review Amanda and Emile
amanda & emile
Moonstone Manor | August 24, 2019

"We loved to work with Jenna! She was very calm when the stress of the day was getting to us, and helped us enjoy the Big Day by working tirelessly behind the scenes and letting us enjoy our celebration almost like guests. Jenna is easy to talk to and very organized; she got the plans on the first round of discussions and could easily improve or change as we came closer to the event - making sure that everything she coordinated was either exactly as we wanted it - or better! Only wish we have would be to have her for the full wedding planning package - we only had the day coordination and we now think she could have done a better job than we did for the planning and staying on budget."

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