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Praise from Maggie

"I cannot say enough about how positive the experience was working with Unique by Design for my wedding weekend. We did the full service with Jenna and it was FULL service, over the weekend we did a rehearsal dinner, wedding and brunch for all guests. Jenna's design skill is top notch, she took my colors and thoughts/ideas and turned them into perfection. When I didn't have an opinion on something, Jenna somehow knew what I would want without me being able to express it, this shows how well she gets to know who you are as a person, not just a bride. I would 100% recommend Unique by Design for your wedding planning."

Praise from Kathleen

"Jenna is exactly the kind of person you want on your team as you are planning a wedding! She is absolutely brilliant at what she does and she is a true blessing to us. We hired her for the full wedding planning package, and we are so grateful we did! My biggest recommendation is to not only hire Jenna but to hire her early in the process. Because we did this, we were able to utilize her expertise to help us to choose vendors that not only fit our vision but also our budget! She is absolutely worth every single penny, as I felt confident we made up for the cost in the conscious decisions she helped us make in the planning process and you are paying for the experience and piece of mind of having UBD on your side."

Praise from Kaitlan

"Jenna gave us the wedding experience of a lifetime. She planned an extravagant wedding weekend that surpassed even our wildest dreams. The weekend was flawless and she made it look easy. From the day we interviewed Jenna, we knew she was going to give us a celebration for all to remember. From planning, to executing, to follow through, Jenna met and exceeded our expectations. We are looking forward to hiring her for our next event, because the celebration doesn’t end at the wedding."

Praise from Alyssa

"I met Jenna at a vendor event at Allenberry Resort. Jenna was the very first person I talked to and immediately I wanted to book her, but I thought “you can’t book the first person you talk to!” I was WRONG! I talked to several other planners, but I kept comparing everyone to Jenna. She made the process so smooth. When people would ask me about how stressed I was while planning, I could always honestly say that I wasn’t stressed at all! I can’t imagine our big day without all of the help from Jenna and her team!"

Praise from Nikki

"In the year working with Jenna, it went so smoothly. It was her busiest year, and I only knew that from talking to her. If it wasn’t for just life conversations, I would have thought we were her only couple. She is amazing. She set me up with the best wedding team I could have asked for. I honestly had my dream wedding. With all my heart, I thank her and her team. She truly cares about your wedding and about you, your happiness. Jenna is more than just the lady who helped me plan my wedding. I consider her a friend. She’s amazing!"

Praise from Emma

"I have nothing but absolutely wonderful things to say about Jenna and the Unique By Design Wedding Team. Jenna’s passion for her work and genuine kindness shines through in everything she does, and working with her made our wedding planning process enjoyable and exciting! Her responsiveness, dependability ,and attention to detail is unmatched, and I would recommend her without hesitation. I cannot thank Jenna and her team enough for a lovely wedding planning process and an even better wedding day!"

Praise from Nicole

"We hired Jenna for our wedding in September of 2021. Jenna provided us with a great deal of support, recommendations, insight, and answers throughout the entire wedding process. We had full confidence that Jenna and her team understood our vision and that we were in good hands - just one less thing to worry about during the wedding day! Everything at the ceremony and reception was placed exactly how we described and done beautifully. Overall, Jenna and her team were extremely helpful in both planning our wedding and achieving our vision!"

Praise from Amanda

"Our wedding would not have gone off without a hitch if it weren’t for Jenna and her team (shout out to Mary and Ellen). If you are considering UBD for your special day, DO NOT THINK TWICE. It will be the best investment you make that also helps give you and your future partner more time to fully embrace the wedding day and enjoy every single minute of it. I cannot thank Jenna and her team enough for their support to help make our wedding a dream come true. Their customer service is unmatched, and you can trust your investment with be worth every penny. I will be sure to recommend UBD to any future bride-to-be."

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