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A Guide to a Weekend-Long Wedding Celebration

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A Guide to a Weekend-Long Wedding Celebration

Gone are the days when traditional weddings were limited to a single day. Now, there are exciting new trends emerging that our team absolutely adores. Prepare to transform your wedding into a delightful weekend extravaganza, brimming with endless possibilities, quality time, and extraordinary moments. Below, we present three ways for you to curate a wedding weekend that extends your special occasion and allows you to bask in the magic for even longer!

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Start with Rehearsal Dinner

When you decide to embark on a full-fledged weekend celebration, it's crucial to kick off the festivities with your nearest and dearest. Typically, this entails a rehearsal dinner that helps everyone prepare for the ceremony and familiarize themselves with the wedding's schedule. Prioritizing this initial event is key, as it sets the tone for the entire weekend. To enhance the experience, why not host a welcome party on Friday following the rehearsal? This allows everyone to unwind, relax, and become acquainted with the venue.

Such a gesture goes a long way in making your guests feel at ease and ready for the exciting weekend ahead. Consider adding delightful touches like welcome gifts in their rooms or crafting exclusive cocktails that are only available at the welcome party. These thoughtful details will surely elevate the overall experience and make your wedding weekend truly unforgettable.

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Wedding Day

As expected, the wedding day takes center stage in your perfect wedding weekend flow. There are countless ways to infuse excitement into this special day, whether it's capturing the magical ‘big kiss’ moments from a different perspective, offering a tantalizing raw bar, or serving themed drinks at the reception. Regardless of how you choose to customize your ceremony, it's always a great idea to provide guests with an itinerary outlining the schedule of festivities. This ensures everyone knows what to expect and where to go for each event. Consider incorporating unique moments that reflect the essence of your love and connection, making the day even more extraordinary.

We understand that certain couples may prefer a Sunday ceremony due to traditional considerations or personal preferences. If that's the case, simply begin your wedding weekend on Saturday, allowing ample time to execute this plan seamlessly.

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Sunday Brunch

If you've chosen to hold your wedding and reception on Saturday, you have a wonderful opportunity to treat your overnight guests to a warm and inviting Sunday brunch the following morning or early afternoon. Trust us, after partying the night away at the reception, everyone, including the newlyweds, will appreciate a delicious meal to bid those potential hangovers farewell. Offering a thoughtful brunch not only gives your guests something to look forward to after the big day but also provides additional opportunities for enjoyable events.

Consider incorporating elements like sharing photos from the previous night or setting up hangover stations stocked with items such as Tylenol and Emergen-C. These small touches add an extra level of fun and care to the Sunday brunch experience. It's a fantastic way to both delight your guests and add an elegant touch to your wedding weekend.

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Make It a Weekend

It’s the season of love and with our team you can make it a weekend of celebrating your love! With our expert planning services, we offer a plethora of ideas and inspiration to make your wedding weekend truly exceptional. We warmly invite you to explore what we can do for you by clicking the link below. Let us make your dream wedding weekend a reality!


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