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How to Keep Guests Comfortable at Your Outdoor Wedding

Bride and groom walking down the aisle holding hands in the air after a luxury outdoor wedding ceremony

How to Keep Guests Comfortable at Your Outdoor Wedding

Outdoor weddings during the summer months have the potential to be scenic and memorable events—but, especially here in Central Pennsylvania, we all know that the warmer months can also be muggy and hot. That’s why it’s important for you to consider some ways to keep your guests comfortable while maintaining a welcoming vibe for your outdoor ceremony. Keep scrolling for some must-include cool tips for your upcoming wedding day!

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Relax the Dress Code

Formality has its role, sure, but when it comes to celebrating your love outdoors, you may want to consider a more relaxed dress code. You can still maintain the wedding's overall vibe with formal attire for the bridal party, but for the comfort of all, it's worth considering a dress code suitable for warm weather. Opt for summer dresses for women and breathable button-up shirts for men, or even allow sandals. Embracing a relaxed approach and incorporating a fun theme for your outdoor wedding can ensure your guests feel at ease and enjoy the day to the fullest.

Make Sure There’s Airflow

During the brief period between guests' arrival and the commencement of the ceremony, it's thoughtful to ensure a comfortable seating area with adequate airflow. You have various creative options to achieve this, such as incorporating silent fan solutions or discreetly placing fans out of sight, cleverly concealed by decorations. This thoughtful airflow provision will contribute to the overall comfort of your guests, making them happier and more engaged throughout the ceremony. If you need assistance, our team can assist you in devising imaginative approaches to guarantee airflow is never an issue.

Multi-Purpose Wedding Pamphlet

Indeed, a well-organized wedding, especially the ones we plan, usually includes a pamphlet or itinerary for the day. This thoughtful addition helps guide your guests, letting them know what to expect and where to be during the events of the day or weekend. Interestingly enough, this handy pamphlet can also serve as an impromptu fan if needed. As the day gets warmer, many guests might naturally use the pamphlet to cool themselves down. By providing this essential part of your wedding, you're inadvertently offering an easy way for your guests to stay refreshed. You could even consider including instructions on how to fold the pamphlet into a perfect personal fan, adding a delightful touch of ingenuity to the overall experience.

Personalized Favors

To ensure your guests stay cool and protected during your outdoor wedding, consider a delightful addition: branded small bottles of sunscreen/SPF on every seat at the ceremony! Not only does this showcase the visuals of your wedding on the bottles themselves, but it also serves as a thoughtful gift for your guests, offering them protection from sunburn. This practical gesture becomes even more valuable during wedding weekends or extended getaways, as guests can use it throughout their stay. We absolutely adore this idea and would be thrilled to incorporate it into your outdoor celebration!

We Can Make the Outdoors Comfortable

There’s more ways to bring comfortability into your outdoor ceremony, but you’ll have to connect with our team to learn more! Looking for more wedding essentials? Click here.


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