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Wedding Invitations

Beautiful Luxury Wedding Invitation Inspo

Wedding Invitations

A guide to setting the tone for your wedding day.

Your Journey Starts Here

On your path towards ‘I do,’ you’ll quickly discover that there’s lots to do! From identifying your wedding date to choosing a venue to deciding on what type of foods you’d like to serve. Of course, our team can help you with all that, but the first step to setting the tone for your wedding day is your save the dates and wedding invitations. Don’t just pick a wedding invitation template and run with it, we have some amazing tips for you below on how to nail your save the dates and wedding invitations!

Save the Dates

Our first tip is to prioritize solidifying your wedding date and getting save the dates out to your friends and family at least 6-12 months in advance. When creating your save the dates, it’s important to consider the overall theme of your wedding—think color schemes, what types of elements you want to incorporate such as flowers or shapes, and fonts you really love. It’s important to maintain consistency from save the dates to the wedding invitations so that your wedding looks well-planned and purposeful. When everything is consistent, your guests will be even more excited to attend your wedding.

The main difference between save the dates and invitations is the amount of information you provide. Save the dates give your guests a date to block off on their calendars and invitations provide more of the specifics.

Decorative Luxury Wedding Flowers

Wedding Invitations

An invitation to your wedding should represent your passion (we’ll talk more about that later), but it should also include some important information. The must-haves are:

  • Your Names - Believe it or not, this can sometimes be forgotten as couples will be focused on the other important information and accidentally omit their names

  • Wedding Date - This is one of the most important parts of your invitation and should be selected during the ‘save the date’ phase of planning, also be sure to include the time of the ceremony and reception

  • Location - Be sure to include the actual address and location of your venue - there should be no guesswork involved for your guests

  • A Phrase of Invitation - ‘You’re cordially invited to attend’ or ‘Your presence would be greatly appreciated’ ‘We invite you to help us celebrate’ - make it you and make it personable

  • RSVP Information - Create an RSVP landing page or request for RSVPs to be mailed back to you. However you track your RSVPs is up to you, but there are some fun ways to make this process easier for your guests

  • Additional Information - This includes parking or commute information, any suggestions for lodging, food options, and anything else that applies to your wedding. This can be done on option cards to be mailed back with the RSVP or more easily done on a landing page where guests can submit their choices online.

Colors, Theme, and Consistency

What are your favorite colors? What is the vibe you’re drawn to? Are you more classic and traditional? Are you drawn to the more modern and minimalist aesthetic? This is a great way to start thinking about how you want your wedding to look. But, the first time your guests will get a taste of your wedding theme will be your save the dates and invitations. That’s why it’s important to give your theme and colors some thought early on in the planning process. Our biggest pro-tip here is to make your decisions and stick to them. Too much change can make your wedding seem disorganized and not well planned. Pick specific elements and colors that reflect your relationship and your theme will fall right into place.

Themes can be creative or traditional—depending on your tastes. We’ve seen it all. There really are no rules that shape how you theme your wedding. Fun or formal or even both—the decision is yours, but it should reflect YOU!

Invitation & Theme Inspiration

Not quite sure where to start? No worries, here’s some inspo for you to ignite your imagination.

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